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Make the most of your time & space

through decluttering, organising & life coaching

Based in Glasgow, Scotland.  Available worldwide "virtually".
  • Are you craving LESS stuff ?

  • Would you love to be MORE organised? 

  • Do you want to ENJOY time on the things that are important to you?

If you answer a big YEP, then​ together we can work on all of the above and start FEELING the benefits.

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Life Coaching

  • Do you  feel like you're juggling TOO many balls ?

  • Have you been saying "Yes" when you really want it to be a "Nope" ?


  • Would you like to UNCLUTTER your mind ?


  Together we can untangle your story, so as to ease  towards a less stressful, more enjoyable lifestyle.


" Jodi has given me a new systematic approach  to sorting, clearing and keeping my space in working order. If you're looking for inspiration to get the job done do not hesitate to contact her. "


Nancy, Ardesier.

Organise and declutte Inverness

    My tried and tested

30 day "DECLUTTER & ORGANISE YOUR HOME & MIND" Challenge is now in print.


If you would like to order one of these booklets for yourself

(Or a friend or family member who could really do with a nudge!) then click HERE (UK Only)

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Radio Scotland - Personal Best with Jodi Sharpe
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Featured on Radio Scotland

Listen to the fascinating "Personal Best" show with Jodi Sharpe discussing decluttering and spring cleaning your life !


Did you know that 1 in 10 people around the world still do not have access to clean WATER close to their home ? That's around 785 million ! It's not just needed for drinking but for cooking, toilets and really importantly hand washing. 


It's something that many of  us take for granted and I believe that EVERYBODY should have access to it. 


That's why, as part of my work, I am supporting the efforts of the amazing charity Wateraid.




Jodi Sharpe

Tel: 07971 530743


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