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About me...

Jodi Sharpe Inverness

I'm Jodi - a practical, down to earth, sporty, mum of 2 with a passion for home organising. I've a love for the mountains and a strong concern for the environment.

I am really excited to be offering this innovative decluttering, organising and life coaching service in South Glasgow. (And ONLINE worldwide)


Over the years I've balanced raising a family (Initially in the Highlands and now in Glasgow) with a variety of part-time roles. I've undertaken a range of opportunities spanning from a debt & money advisor post at the C.A.B. (Citizens Advice Bureau), to a volunteer children's athletics coach.In order to enjoy and embrace all of these competing elements, I have had to explore and develop invaluable organisational and time management skills.

In October 2016  "The 25th Hour" began. From my very first client I have loved this work.  Being part of someone's positive improvements at home is a real  priviledge. 

In May 2018 I completed a certified Life Coaching course run by Kain Ramsey. I incorporate the approach and techniques acquired into my day to day work as a declutterer whilst also offering "time" related life coaching


Since 2019 I have also been developing my skills around motivational interviewing.  If you're not familiar with this  it's well worth an explore. It sounds formal but essentially it's a fantastic way to have conversations around change that are not advisory but collaborative and of course, super MOTIVATING ! !

Before I had children I felt pretty organised and calm but when the family unit grew  I began to feel increasingly busy and overwhelmed with the sheer  volume of stuff both in the home and "to do" .


In 2014 we were very lucky to be able to take several months off work & school and sample a "home exchange" in South Australia. It was amazing.  However, it was very intriguing to me that even though I had no "regular" work to go to, appointments, friends to see etc. there were still times  when I felt that "frazzled" feeling of having no time. How could this be ?


It is at this point that I really started to research and ponder  my own attitude towards organising both myself and my family.  By the end of the trip I began to realise there was so much I could do to improve my use of time and feel better.

Back home I carried on exploring the topic. I started to make changes to both my home and mindset.  

Whilst speaking to friends and family I realised that by sharing some of these tips and tools they too were benefiting. This was exciting !

At this time I also discovered that the use of professional organisers and de-clutterers was well established in America and really growing here in the U.K. More and more people recognise that there is no shame in calling in help.

And now we come to today. There are still some times when the "stuff" at home seems to nag at me! More often than not,  however, I feel lighter, more in control of time and happier with the way our family is living. We are very conscious of our impact on the environment and really recognise the benefits of a more simplified lifestyle.

I'm continually striving to reach out to those who could really benefit from this service.

 Contact me to chat through how we can work together.

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