Before & After

This wardrobe de-clutter and organise took around 1.5 hours. It created 1 large bag of clothes and a bag of hangars for charity.


The client loves what she calls her "new wardrobe" and is now really enjoying being able to find items quickly. She is also much more aware of what she actually has and so is less inclined to buy more clothes.

From muddled and cluttered to organised and accessible.

This garage was transformed in just 1 morning with "Virtual" declutter assistance.

"It was so freeing to go through this process, we were holding on to so much stuff that we didn't need or even want.  Now our garage is much more organised and it has more room to work.  Thanks Jodi "

Lindsay from Drumnadrochit.

This larder was overstuffed. The client was never sure what  food items she had so ended up with more than she needed. 

After a thorough sort and re-arrangement, all the food items can now be seen and easily accessed.


  She has already started saving on her food shopping bills !  

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