It's O.K. to say NO !

I know doing stuff for other people (Paid or voluntarily) is important for both myself and my community BUT sometimes I go too far, take on more things than I can handle well and start to feel the consequences. So, how can we all avoid taking on more than we can manage ? If we accept ALL reasonable requests on us we can soon become frazzled, stressed and worn out. At this point we are no longer helping either ourselves or the person we said yes to. Why do we say YES when we really want to say No ? We worry by saying no that we will be judged negatively and people may think we are uncaring or unhelpful. We are scared of letting people down. We don’t want to be the bad guy and we want to ple

Are you Stuffocating ?

Time to read: just over 2 mins TOO MUCH STUFF is causing us stress according to James Wallman , trends forecaster. He believes we are "stuffocating" and instead of focusing on possessions we need to seek out more “experiences”. His belief is that we can LIVE MORE with less. I agree. At Christmas time, in particular, I can feel my stress levels rising as more and more “things” present themselves from all angles ! Fortunately, there’s plenty we can do to tackle this issue. Chances are, you’re spending more time indoors now that the darker wintry days are approaching. This is a great time to think about getting your home organised through a bit of DECLUTTERING. The dictionary definition of dec

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