Car Boot Sales - Useful resource or a pile of old junk ?

When you hear someone’s off to a car boot sale do your ears prick up or are you more OMG why bother with that? I’ve found over the years that peoples’ thoughts are a bit like that of marmite – you either love or loath them! ... But, should we be embracing them? The car boot “season” is now upon us. Up here in Inverness the largest weekly one re-started on 19th March at Caley Stadium. It costs £10 per car and it’s not that early a start at 8am ! Despite the huge impact of the internet with auction websites and Facebooks buy, swap and sell marketplaces the humble car boot sale is still going strong. According to Toby Walne of the Financial Mail on Sunday there is an estimated £1.5 BILLION spen

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