Talking time with ... Julian Innes

Today I’m exploring the transition from work to retirement with Julian Innes. Some of you may recognise him as the former “top dog” in the police up here in the North of Scotland. Following 30 years in the force he took retirement last summer at the age of 50. During his career, he undertook an exciting variety of roles including director of intelligence and had to deal with some very high profile cases. He went onto become the North's most senior police officer - Chief Superintendent, divisional commander of the Highlands & Islands. Perhaps his largest challenge, however, came on 1st April 2013 when Police Scotland was formed. This replaced the previous 8 force structure and became the seco

Decluttering sentimental items… a few handy hints

If you’ve been decluttering your home you will have made lots of choices along the way that will have left you with the important bits that you love or use. At some point you will get past the easy stuff and arrive at some much more difficult decisions – those sentimental pieces. I’m talking about that piece of jewellery that’s been passed down through the family, your kids artwork from nursery, love letters from pre-email times, your first needlework project, your old scout camp sweater etc. It is really hard to let go of the stuff soaked in memories – those sentimental items that you just HAVE to keep – or do you? Living well with LESS does not mean living with NOTHING ! The key is ensurin

Talking time with ... Roddy Riddle.

Time to read : Approx. 4 minutes Today I’m with a totally inspirational guy who has, over the last few years, been taking part in some of the most extreme endurance events in the world. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 40 and now lives by the motto “Rule diabetes, don’t let it rule you”. After being advised that exercising with diabetes could be risky he set out to find a way he could continue with his active lifestyle. As an ex- international road cyclist he was no stranger to the demands of endurance sports. In 2013 he became the first type 1 diabetic to complete the “Marathon des Sables” and raised a whopping £26,000 for 2 diabetes charities. Closer to home he undertook t

Talking time with ... Fiona Macbain

Time to read: 3-4 Minutes Today I’m chatting with Fiona in Inverness. In the last 7 months she has published 2 books – "Daughter Disappeared" and "Glasdrum", writes a fascinating and highly entertaining blog, is mum of 3 and works a regular job! How does she do it ? HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN REGARD TO YOUR ATTITUDE TO TIME ? People say I’m quite determined! In my life I have drifted around, gone off on whims and tangents. Since I turned 40 I have been much more focused. HOW DO YOU FIT IT ALL IN ? I tried to analyse my life and then declutter activities. When my youngest son went to playgroup I was so determined I was going to get the book written. I knew I had to spend every single

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