My Place Mondays - No.4

It’s the holidays. Well to be precise – it’s the school holidays. We are working but the kids are off. And it is against this backdrop that the tone and feel of the house has been running this week. The past few days have reminded me of another Benjamin Franklin quote - “A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body” . I agree. I want mine to stimulate and encourage positive thoughts and pop a smile on my face every so often. Not everybody in my house thinks the same way. It’s fair to say our priorities differ ! The updated version from my teens would probably look more like “A house is not a home unless the wifi is working and working speedily!” It

My Place Mondays - No.3

2nd Week in October Gosh, we’re already on the 3rd of this series. Each week we have a little “behind the scenes” peek at what’s been happening on the organising front in my house. “For every minute spent in organizing an hour is earned” – Benjamin Franklin. Well, I’m not sure if he’s got the exact calculation right but I do passionately believe that all our efforts, however small, really do count. Definitely a good return on the investment ! And it’s been the little things I’ve been noticing this week. I went for a pre-emptive strike on the “charger” front earlier in the week. With the darkening evenings we had a look at the bike lights situation and realised that we needed a few extra to g

My Place Mondays - No. 2

First week in October This blog post is the second in the series. It’s all about giving you a little weekly insight into my home sorting – the good, the bad and the ugly ! I believe there is no right and wrong way to organise your house. It’s all about doing what works for YOU. No big declutters this week, just the usual trying to keep on top of everything. I do think that one of the keys to having that organised space you crave is to really develop the “putting away” habit. I still find some days are definitely better than others! I try and think of it more of not putting things DOWN but actually putting things AWAY. (Of course, for this to work we need to have a “home” designated for ever

My Place Mondays - No. 1

What's this all about ? Over the next couple of months I would like to let you into my home to see what I'm up to on the decluttering front. (Through this blogpost) It'll be a warts and all version - stuff I'm enjoying, things that are annoying, what's working and what's not! This is not in any way to show off but more to open up the reality of decluttering and organising in a busy household. Many people I chat to have some notion that I live constantly in a super tidy oasis with nothing out of place. Well, I invite you to come with me and find out what it's really like. “My place Mondays” will be a little weekly round up of action or otherwise! Apologies in advance for the quality of some o

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