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“A smaller amount of; not as much” says the dictionary. When we are decluttering we often ask the question “Do I love it?” or “Is it useful?” as a basis to decide what should stay or go? This in itself may not be ENOUGH. I feel we need to embrace the notion of “less” in order to streamline and organise our homes. Less is such a little word but one that I have been thinking more and more on recently. I want to take a peek from a few different angles and invite you to join me. In 1947 the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was an early adaptor of the phrase “Less is more”. His tactics were to only use the NECESSARY components in a building to create extreme simplicity e.g. designing a floor th

Upcycling - "On the Upside"

Yikes - stats from a couple of years ago show that the UK sent more than 10 million items of furniture to landfill. Whilst some of these pieces have a very short life due to the low quality materials used, many could have been saved, restored and repaired. It’s a similar story with clothing. In 2017 there were some 235 million pieces which were discarded to waste. It doesn't have to be this way. I am very keen on re-using stuff and keeping things in action as long as possible. So, I was really excited to meet up with Samantha from “On the Upside” this week to learn more about what she’s doing in this area and her very exciting plans. In August last year she moved her upcycling business out o

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