Find your "why?" and ease through your decluttering.

Getting to the bottom of WHY we are holding onto "things" is the key for ensuring our decluttering endeavours are fruitful. Without this knowledge it is so tricky to make the many decisions needed to move towards getting organised. I believe asking ourselves this simple question is the best way to get started on getting sorted. 👍 This weekend I've been questioning our need for dvds. We certainly haven't bought a dvd for years and I can't remember the last time I watched one. 😆 So why were we keeping them? 🤔 In my mind, I'd had this conversation before and I had landed on a few reasons:- > I might finally get round to seeing a few that I've not yet got to. >The kids might want to see some

Fed up of muddy feet, wet dogs and general dirt skipping into the house ?

We've had our fair share of rain over the last few weeks so I thought it's about time I got round to a blog on this ! If we want to stop the wet & dirt creeping into our homes, creating both a mess and extra work then thinking about a few issues upfront and making some tweaks can make a real difference. First things first. It’s going to be different for everyone ! There’s definitely no one size fits all solution here. We can't do too much about the weather but can change how we respond to it. 👍 There are 2 sides to have a good ponder on :- * The design of the main entrance to your home and the systems within it.🏠 * The people and pets who tread in and around it 😆 So, we need to tackle bot

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