Wouldn’t it be great if being at home could be a little like being on holiday?

We were very lucky to have spent Christmas in one of my favourite places on the planet. Club La Santa, Lanzarote. If you like sport then this place is heaven. All activities (Over 80 sports), group instruction and equipment hires are included in the cost of your apartment. I can’t begin to list the vast array of opportunities that are there as this is not really a post about this amazing destination but more about how your surroundings matter and the influence they have on us. In this very special place Christmas takes on a whole new meaning. There’s a 7.45am triathlon to get the day going, an invigorating “Body Combat” class at the lawn or a relaxing stand up paddle board on the lagoon. And

"Use it up" - simple steps to help stay decluttered. 💚

Just a few small words that can make such a difference in your home! The full piece of wisdom that was coined in the "Depression" era goes further - "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without". Even just embracing the “Use it up” element is is something that can really boost our decluttering efforts and perhaps more importantly, our ability to STAY decluttered over the longer term.😀 The benefits of using up toiletries, stationary (!), food, craft supplies, medicines, make up and more are clear. It will :- · SAVE us money. · be more ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly than overbuying. · save precious TIME (Don't need to shop as much). · ultimately give us MORE SPACE (less to store and clean). ·

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