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Day 3 -

Count your Wins !

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When we're in the midst of decluttering it's easy to become overwhelmed. The task ahead may seem HUGE and out of reach. Perhaps we're not making as much progress as we'd hoped. Or maybe other challenges may have gotten in our way.


And this can make us miserable as well as unproductive! 👎


The science tells us that negative events have a greater impact on the brain than positive ones. Psychologists call this the negativity bias. Put simply, it's the bad things that grab our attention!


Fortunately, there are steps we can take to fight the tendency to head down that negative road.


I feel we often underestimate the power of pursuing a "gratitude" attitude when we endeavour to make changes around our home. Putting a little bit of time towards this is such a good investment. In a nutshell, it can:


> Shift our FOCUS towards the positive
> Be a powerful source of INSPIRATION.

> Maintain MOMENTUM.
> Improve our general mental wellbeing towards more happiness and satisfaction.🤸‍♀️


To Do !


When good things happen during your organising session (However small), notice them, savour them and replay them in your mind. Now this doesn't come easily to most people and you will need to make a conscious effort for this to happen. This challenge is the perfect time to give it a bash.


 I'm a naturally glass half empty kind of person most of the time but I've found regular gratitude practice really does help me to move away from this outlook.



So now it's time to COUNT YOUR WINS. 

LIST the good stuff that has already happened in your focus area.



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