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Day 4

Decluttering your Mind !

Christmas Bulldogs

Perhaps more than any time of the year December can feel like our heads are just FULL to the brim with stuff. Not only are there a pile of extra things to go at but we also feel like we have to continue all the regular routine too. Our full range of emotions can emerge over this festive period. 

At times, over the coming weeks, it can feel anything but MERRY. It's how we respond to our thoughts that can make all the difference.


Firstly, I think it's good to acknowledge that certain aspects may not go to plan, there may be a few disagreements, things may be forgotten and it definitely won’t be perfect. Starting from this baseline allows us to be more accepting. Sertting our expectations as realistically as possible is very important. 


The “Stress Management Society” suggest that one in 20 people considers Christmas more stressful than a burglary, and over half of Britons will have had an alcoholic drink before lunch on Christmas day – to try to cope with the stress. Yikes !

When something is not going quite as expected remind yourself that those moments do pass. When you start to notice the STRESS rising take a reality check.  Take that thought and question its validity. You don't need to hold onto to it. Let it go.

Yes, planning and tackling jobs in advance can greatly ease the strain but it won’t remove it completely. Accepting this can be tension busting in itself.

The other side of the coin is to focus on the upsides.

 “What are you looking forward to this Christmas?” This question stumped me for a moment when asked recently. Now I’ve had time to mull it over I’ve realised that there will be an array of opportunities for fun and joy coming my way. I just need to make sure I notice them and reach out.


As a bit of a natural “Grinch” at this time of the year it is particularly important for me to focus on the positives. I’m actively practicing gratitude in this area in an effort to rewire my brain a tad. If you light up when you hear the jingly bells and a mention of the C word then answering that earlier question will be pretty straightforward. If you’re like me it may take a little more effort. My challenge to you  is to make a list of things that YOU are particularly looking forward to.


Lastly, be kind to yourself and factor in some self-care. You may think this needs to go on the back burner at this time of year but a little siesta here or a “hygge” bath moment there can go a heck of a long way.  This recharging can nudge your perspective and allow proceedings to go that little bit smoother for everyone.


So, there we go. A few thought starters to allow us to enjoy more of the festive period and accept whatever we do it is enough. Decluttering our mind can greatly add to the enjoyment on this front.


What have you got up your sleeve to help you glide through the coming weeks?

Back for Day 5 with a wee look at "Balance"


P.s. Day 7 is going to be a Q & A from you guys. So start thinking if there is anything you would like to ask on simplifying Christmas.


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