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Day 4 - Accountability

Fist Pound

A key piece in the decluttering puzzle is ACCOUNTABILITY.


Be accountable to YOURSELF first and foremost. If you have no intention of following through then DON'T say it.


Being accountable to someone else is a super motivator. Getting a cheerleader, someone to check in with and share your conundrums is an incredibly powerful asset.


An accountability partner or group provides a CONSEQUENCE (Hopefully a positive one!) if we don't follow through on something we committed to. 


So, where can I get my hands on some accountability?


Well, the first place is a decluttering group. There's plenty available online. All have a different flavour so it's important to find one that suits your personality and willingness to share. Just because a group has a huge number of people in it doesn't automatically mean it's the best one for you. Spend a little time amongst the posts before you commit time to it.


A more traditional option is to consider a family member or friend. The bonus here is that you know what you're getting and you can be super honest. On the flip-side, they may be more inclined to push their own opinions and values onto you. It really does depend upon the individual. Somebody who knows you well can be really beneficial for holding you to account, encouraging you when you need it and being there to mark those special moments as you make changes. Just choose carefully and don't be afraid to set boundaries.


A professional organiser always provides a level of accountability. They usually do it non-judgementally and have heaps of tips and tools up their sleeves to keep you on track.



Q- Who or where is the best accountability partner for YOU ?

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