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Day 5 -

Keep it going !

Home Room Decor

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” -Jim Rohn

Alas, decluttering is NOT a one time job !


Once you've simplified it's then about your HABITS. You may have suffered with this in the past. You clear and organise your space and get it all organised, only to find it refills.


How frustrating!

In order to keep on top of your newly decluttered area you need to take regular actions. Little and often is usually key here. The good news is, this phase is a lot easier than the sorting and organising you've had to do to make it to this point.

A few pointers:-

* Accept there is going to be ongoing effort needed. 

* Create daily habits that help. I'm thinking things like "Put away, not down" (Subtle but powerful), "1 in 1 Out" policy and end of day reset.

* Slow the flow. It is sooo important to reflect and take action to slow the rate at which "things" come back into the home. This is usually through shopping but don't forget gifts, traditions and freebies too. 

* Ease. Lastly but by no means least. It is essential that you keep routines easy to do. Minimise the amount of steps taken so that it is way more likely that you'll actually keep it up over the long term. This can apply to breakfast clear ups, laundry, mail, shopping and more. It does take a bit of time investment upfront but the reward level is high.

There is actually a great depth of things to consider on this topic which is hard to cover in a short post. Ask yourself questions on HOW things are working right now and be honest to yourself.

Do continue this conversation over in the Facebook Challenge group.

Just because these 5 days have ended we do not have to stop. This is just the beginning. 

Jodi x

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Its good to have an end to journey towar
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