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Simplifying Christmas  Day 6 - A selection box ...

Oranges, chocolates and hearts at Christ


As we near the end of the series on simplifying Christmas I want to use this slot to pull together a bunch of fascinating articles on topics we have not fully explored so far. 


As we have seen so far, how to “DO” Christmas is very individual. We are all at varying stages in both life and our simplifying journey. 


So today is a SELECTION BOX of other people's posts (And one of mine!) that I have found really interesting that you might too. Scroll by the ones that are not up your alley and delve into the ones that draw you by clicking on the underlined link…


1)      10 ways to spend Christmas alone   - “Being alone and being lonely are not the same.”



2)  The Key to a Simple Holiday with Kids – how to get children on board with a more meaningful Christmas.



3)  “I’ve decided not to tell people what to get my kids this year” – finding joy in gift giving.


4)    Is Christmas feeling Crowded? - Keep up with your decluttering in December with a seasonal twist



5)  Tips for a Waste-free Christmas - no explanation required from Zero Waste Scotland !



 6)  I want to be a mountain ! – A beautiful post from Shona Macpherson for those feeling tired, fractured or smothered by this festive season.


7)   How to cope with the in-laws at Christmas. – some practical ways of dealing with this often tricky relationship.


8)  No time for exercise at this time of year? - Think again…-  expanding one of yesterdays pointers.


9)  10 top tips for coping after loss at Christmas – a supportive post with positive, useful ideas.



10) 44 Xmas Money Saving tips – just as it says on the tin, from Martin Lews !



I do hope the last 6 days have been both thought-provoking and useful.



Day 7 is over to you guys. Its reflection and Q & A time. 



You can message me with any queries or quandaries (Option to remain anonymous) or comment on the facebook post.  



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