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 Simplifying Christmas 

Day 7 - Reflection

Christmas Star

In this last post I’d like to round up the week with a little reflection and answering a couple of queries that have been sent to me.



Let's start with your QUESTIONS:-



      “My Christmas decorations came out of the loft in a bit of a muddle. Any tips on how to organise and store them?” Anonymous.


Now firstly, I have to admit that our decorations are a bit of a hodgepodge too! Part of the reason is they have gradually built up over the years and we’ve not taken the time to decide on the best storage option. Luckily, we don’t have that many and so it’s not too much of an issue.  


In order to sort out your decorations, I recommend starting with a DECLUTTER. The end of the holidays, when you are taking everything down, will be a super time to tackle this. With ALL the items laid out in front of you it will be easier to decide what’s going to stay and what can go.  Ask yourself HOW MUCH you need to create the festive look and feel you are after.


Once you are left with beautiful things that you love and want to keep for next year there are heaps of clever ideas on how to store them safely and tidily. "Pinterest" and "Youtube" are just 2 online places that will instantly shower you with inspiration if you need it. Whichever type of box/bag solution you choose it’s a good idea to label them up so you know exactly what’s inside when you are on the hunt.


Festive lights can be wrapped around cardboard tubes (From old wrapping paper or foil etc.) to ensure they don’t get all tangled up. Using original boxes can be very handy to protect delicate ornaments. Lastly, keep it simple by aiming to keep like with like e.g. tree baubles, kitchen decorations, etc all in one area.


Enjoy this time getting organised and remember that you will really appreciate your efforts when you get them out next year.



·       “I’m a big fan of Christmas but my partner is not. We often end up arguing about our choices. How can we make this time of year easier?” Anonymous.


-   TALK – first and foremost communicate your way through this one. It’s not going to be easy but with a bit of give and take, I think you can navigate through your differences. If you can understand more of the reasons WHY your partner doesn’t relish in the festivities then you might be able to be more sensitive to their needs, instead of feeling resentful.



-   Establish if there is any COMMON GROUND or positives that you can focus on.



-   On the PRACTICAL front try and allow for both of your views to be heard and seen. Example: Xmas decorating - Pick a zone (s!) that you can go to town on with the tinsel just how you like it. Designate other areas which can either be left undecorated or minimally so. Make room for each others’ preferences.



-          Do spend time with others where you can really indulge in your Christmas passion whether that’s carol singing or cake decorating.



-          Lastly, show your GRATITUDE for any compromise shown by your partner. At another point in the year it may well be the other way around.







Putting together these “Simplifying Christmas” posts has been absolutely lovely for me. It’s allowed me time to question my values, view others’ perspectives and pinpoint the stuff that matters “chez moi” during the festive period.


This writing has gone outside of my usual decluttering & organising realm and delved into the domain of life coaching. I completed a life coaching course back in the spring of this year. Since then I have been consolidating my knowledge, practicing on willing volunteers and gradually weaving it into my daily work.


In 2019 my plan is to offer much more in this area. Keep an eye out on my page if this is something that may be of interest to you.


With the amount of information available to us at the touch of a screen, it is easy to think that by simply reading or scanning something that we know what’s it all about and it’ll just happen. I feel that to make something stick we need to both reflect upon it and decide on the next step for us.


So, for the next few minutes give yourself some time and space to allow your mind to wander over the words that have meant something to you from the varying posts. You can access them all from the Simplifying Christmas tab above.  Then either write down or share with someone HOW this is going to be incorporated into your life to make it that little bit more wonderful.



Thank you so much for being here.



Warmest of wishes for Christmas, your way,



Jodi x




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