Move from chaos to calm by decluttering and simplifying your space. 


Join me and others getting to work on those areas that have been annoying us for ages. 

If you have struggled to either get started, keep going or sort the "right" stuff then this online event is for you.


Sunday 10th february

I'll be taking on my garage whilst you and others will tackle the area that needs attention in your homes.


From 8am - 8pm I will be available on-line for email support. I'll also be doing interactive live feeds on Facebook offering tips and tools to get you started and keep you moving in the right direction.   


Investment : £12 



" Jodi has given me a new systematic approach  to sorting, clearing and keeping my space in working order. If you're looking for inspiration to get the job done do not hesitate to contact her. "


Nancy, Ardesier.


"Jodi helped me de-clutter and organise my kitchen after 10 years of build up. The system was very easy and Jodi was lovely, eased my anxiety and explained things really well. I have so much space now it's amazing!"   

                               Ashley from Inverness


10 good reasons to join in


1) When it's PLANNED in it is much more likely to HAPPEN.

2) Work out what you will do in ADVANCE so that you tackle the priorities.

3) Feel CONNECTED to others in the same boat as you. 

4) Ask questions (Privately) without feeling silly or exposed.

5) Get gentle "Boot up the bum" motivation to keep you on task.

6) Use your time as effectively as possible with a tried and tested DECLUTTERING SYSTEM.

7) Have an expert on hand (By email) who is NEUTRAL and unconnected to your things to help you overcome any bumps.

8) Feel the support that ACCOUNTABILITY offers during and after the session.

9)This can FIT INTO any part of your day - morning, noon or evening - no excuses.

10) Celebrate your successes with others - it'll feel Greeaaatt.


This could just be the start. You won't regret decluttering 😀

What's included?

* Pre-event planning & declutter system guide.


* Membership of DECLUTTERALONG "Closed" Facebook Group.


* On the day Email support (8am-8pm)


* Live motivational, interactive Facebook videos throughout the day.


* Keeping Clutter-Free e-leaflet.


* On-going membership of the FB group.


Your commitment:- 


* Plan in advance (Approx. 30 mins)


* At least 2 hours on the day, preferably more


* A desire and readiness to make some changes.


If you have any unanswered questions at all, please ask.


Are you up for it ?

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