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Decluttering & Organising 


I'm so glad you’ve made it to my tincy, wincy nook of the web.

I passionately believe that decluttering and organising your space can seriously ENHANCE your life. 


Our houses should function well, inspire and be somewhere that we WANT come back home to. There's good scientific evidence to suggest an organised home really does lead to a “tidy mind” too.


Hmmm. That sounds good. SO, how the heck do we get that?

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This is my niche. I work with those craving less stuff to be more organised and to enjoy more time for the things they really want to do


Whilst there is no magic bullet, there are heaps of ways that will move us along to getting that very liveable home and the clarity of mind we yearn for. Before we go any further I want you to know I am no “neat freak” and do not live in a pristine show-home.  I do like having “a place for everything” so even when it gets untidy, which it does, it can be easily tidied away  

You could think of it a bit like a personal trainer in the fitness field. Those guys are amazing at bringing about real lasting change (If their client is ready!) Yes, you can go to the gym or out for a run on your own. However, with someone alongside you to inspire, to call on their depth of knowledge, glean expert tips, be accountable to and keep you on track, you can be so much more EFFECTIVE.


And trust me, it’s way more FUN not going it alone! All these things apply to decluttering and organising.

Jodi x

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Next Steps ...

You   bring your desire and readiness to make change.


 I   will help, guide, challenge, motivate, not judge and ease you towards your vision.

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