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Frequently Asked Questions 


How long does it usually take?

As a rough idea a room can take anywhere between 2 – 6 hours dependent upon how much you have and how quick you are to make decisions. At the initial free consultation I will be able to give you a better idea of how long it will be for you.

Do you declutter for me ?

All decluttering is done TOGETHER. Although it can be physically and emotionally draining I aim to keep it relaxed motivating, efficient and enjoyable. If you have a health condition that limits your ability to work on your clutter I can do the physical work but you will always be the one to make the decisions.


Why bother having somebody to help when I could do this myself?

Firstly, you are much more likely to tackle the job if it is SCHEDULED in with someone else. Having a non-judgemental professional organiser to steer the journey and  keep you on track makes the work easier, quicker and more effective. 


Will you make me get rid of things?

No. You will be in control of what goes and what stays. We will keep in mind your overall aim.  There are many strategies we can explore that will make it easier to decide what should stay and what goes.


Where do we start?

There is no right place to start but often it will be the area which troubles you the most.  We also consider how difficult it will be for you to work on certain spaces.  Together we  can become very clear on the best place to begin. Once you've got going you are likely to find yourself energised to tackle other areas.


I don’t want anyone to know about this, can you ensure confidentiality?

Absolutely. I adhere to the A.P.D.O. (Association of professional declutterers and organisers) code of ethics which ensures privacy and confidentiality throughout the process.


Do I need to clean or buy anything before you come?

No. It is useful for me to see how you function so that organising systems can be made around the way you live. Once the decisions are made on what is staying then you can consider storage. We try and use existing storage but If you need any extra storage ideas then I can help with this.


I have children – can they be there whilst we declutter?

Yes. Indeed, if you are working on their room then it is best that they assist as they are then more likely to keep to the systems you pop into place. Do bear in mind that if you have a young child with you then the session may take a little longer, if you have to also attend to their needs.


What happens to all the stuff that is going?

Wherever possible we try to re-cycle or re-use through local charity shops, freecycle, re-cycling centres etc. You may wish to sell some items and make some money on gumtree, ebay etc. Some may be beyond further use and will have to go in the bin. I can help you decide on what's the best option.


Will the clutter just build up again?

It may. However, you are likely to have been inspired by the positive feelings in your new surroundings and really want to keep it that way. At the end of the de-cluttering session we will talk through ways of keeping clutter free over the longer term.

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