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Keeping Clutter Free


 Saturday 12th May 2018 2pm-3.30pm  Culduthel Christian Centre, Inverness. 

Uncover the secrets to maintaining a well functioning,

inspiring and very liveable home.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got"   Henry Ford 

Life is too short to waste time and energy looking for things or feeling "baaad" about the state of your home.


If you want to embrace clutter-free living and make a difference in your home over the long term then you're in the right place.


Don't worry, this workshop is NOT about being a "neat freak"  or seeking a pristine showhome.


It is all about igniting that ember within you that will glow and allow the magic of being organised to enhance your life.




What's covered?

* A fascinating delve into our core beliefs around organising Let's uncover how our thoughts affect our behaviour.


* How do we slow the flow of "stuff" coming in? A raft of ideas from shaping our shopping style to being confident to say "No"! 


* Pinpointing the most helpful habits to keep clutter at bay. Explore what routines and practices will create a great home that you really want to be in.


* Clutter clinic - unravel your roadblocks. 

Who is this for ?

* If you have attended my "Declutter & Organise your Home & Mind Workshop" then this is the perfect follow up to keep you on track.



* If you have already begun decluttering and wish to gather top tips and tools to ensure both your physical and mental space STAYS clear.

Only £12 including refreshments

To book your place contact me now

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