It's back !

Get to the heart of what's standing between you and your clutter at our

'Mind Over Clutter' workshop.

Saturday 26th January 2019


If you feel any of the following:-

* Overwhelmed  by your clutter

* Lacking in time to deal with it all

* So attached you can't let go

* Like you keep too many things "just in case"

* Unable to part with things through guilt

Then this workshop could be for you.

So what's it really like ?

Here’s some feedback from the last time we ran it:-

“The workshop simplified the procedure and helped me stop beating myself up!”

“The workshop felt like a moment of sanity in a crazy world!”

“Having two personal coaches on tap – an amazing experience! I understand more fully my barriers to decluttering and have made pratical and realistic steps to declutter.”

“This workshop was a breath of fresh air!”

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