"Pay What You Can"  Declutter Day


As part of National Organising Week (N.O.W.) on Friday 8th November, I'm really excited to be donating my services for a "Pay What You Can" Day to raise money for the fabulous "Stand Up for Sophia" fundraiser.   ALL the money you donate will go to the appeal. 

During N.O.W. 4th - 10th Nov, Britain’s organising experts set out to motivate you to clear the clutter and APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers) members are on a mission to help you get the most out of your space, time, and belongings!


Sophia is a beautiful, happy, smiley little girl despite having Dystonic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy which leaves her wheelchair bound and wholly dependent on others. 


She and her family are currently fundraising for a "Permobile F5". This is a specialist wheelchair that will allow her to independently change her position when uncomfortable, or to carry out various tasks by standing up, changing the angle of her body, adjusting chair height, lying down or just to recline when muscles are tight or tired - all the things we take for granted as able bodied people.

She's a determined girl who wants to try and do everything and the specialist wheelchair will give her the independence to do so much more. I encourage you to read more about the opportunities the chair will bring by heading here.


You can book a 2 Hour Declutter & Organise session with me on Friday 8th November. (Can be by video link or in-person, if within 10 miles of Inverness) and pay as much as you can afford.  There will be 3 time slots available to select from:-

9-11am - booked

2- 4pm - booked

6 -8pm - available


One of these sessions would usually cost  £56 . We are looking to raise as much £'s as possible.

ALL money donated will go directly to "Stand Up for Sophia"  

Let's get sorted and get closer to Sophia's target 😁


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