Are you Stuffocating ?

Time to read: just over 2 mins

TOO MUCH STUFF is causing us stress according to James Wallman , trends forecaster. He believes we are "stuffocating" and instead of focusing on possessions we need to seek out more “experiences”. His belief is that we can LIVE MORE with less. I agree.

At Christmas time, in particular, I can feel my stress levels rising as more and more “things” present themselves from all angles ! Fortunately, there’s plenty we can do to tackle this issue.

Chances are, you’re spending more time indoors now that the darker wintry days are approaching. This is a great time to think about getting your home organised through a bit of DECLUTTERING.

The dictionary definition of decluttering is to “To remove unnecessary items”, which seems simple but many of us struggle to keep the clutter at bay.

Don’t worry though help is at hand. The internet is full of practical, inspiring and often amusing advice on how to “simplify”. From 5 minute clutter blitzs to complete processes, it’s all there.

One captivating writer is Tokyo based organising consultant Marie Kondo. After studying the art of “tidying” for many years she formulated The KonMari method. Her book on “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Kondo’s aim is to transform homes into peaceful, inspiring spaces. Rather than focusing on simply throwing things away, she suggests that you should only keep those things that you truly love – things that spark joy ! She also advocates sorting out a category at a time rather than by area. A quick search on YouTube will bring you quickly up to speed with her clothes folding methods – keep your eye out for the underwear drawer!

Of course, each person’s tolerance for clutter is different. Do you want to do something about yours ?

A great place to start is to really think about the benefits de-cluttering can bring:-

* Reduction in stress levels (because you can find things easily)

* Make money (Sell items on gumtree, ebay etc.)

* Gain more space

* It's good for the environment. (As long as you recycle, re-use and reduce !)

* Make the area easier to clean.

* Get a sense of being in control.


I’ve picked 5 things to get you going:-