Working with a Declutterer - What’s it really like?

You may be wondering what happens when somebody agrees to letting a professional organiser into their home.

Clutter doesn’t sneak up overnight. On the same note, making that decision to get help to tackle it can also take a while. You may feel apprehensive about exposing your home to someone you don’t even know. I get that.

That’s why I want to give you an insight into not only WHAT happens at a session but also HOW it feels.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be working with Edel as we take on her cluttered cupboard. She has agreed to let us inside her home to track progress.

First things first – I’m not that scary!

I WON’T be wearing high heels and a business suit. Usually, I’ve got some sportswear and flat shoes on – ready for action.

I WON’T make you get rid of things or impose my ideas. This is a collaborative affair. We work together to find a solution that will work well for you. Sometimes this may mean I will ask challenging questions that force you to think about the flow and systems in your home, as well as the items themselves.

And lastly. Just in case you're thinking that I'm completely sorted on my own home organising front, I'm not! Our family house is not a perfect SHOW HOME. Yes, a lot of decluttering and organising has gone on and continues to do so. It flows pretty well most of the time but sometimes life just gets in the way and little pockets of “stuff” start to grow ! I call it a comfortable level of organisation.

The next step after getting in touch with me is to chat– usually in the form of a 15-20 minute, relaxed consultation. This allows us both to see how we can work together.

Session One

I meet Edel for the first time in her home. She runs her own business, has a family with teenage children and tries to slot in a little time for herself. We start off by having a quick look at the cupboard that she describes as “the bane of her life”. It has been on her “To Do” list for the last 3 years but as she is busy with full time work and family commitments she just never manages to get round to it. There's all sorts in there from an unused computer to old paperwork.

We’ve decided to set aside a 3 hour block to declutter and re-organise the contents.

It was great to hear from her after my visit saying,

“It’s like a weight has been lifted. I can’t wait to get started now”