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Virtual decluttering !

How was your weekend ?

Mark & Lindsay had a very productive Saturday morning transforming their garage from cluttered and muddled to organised and accessible.

It is really easy to neglect this area of our home and allow clutter to build up. Sometimes it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind. We often end up popping things in there if we don’t have a designated space or don’t know what to do with them! We have good intentions of dealing with them “later” but often don’t get round to it.

These guys moved home 2 years ago and ended up dumping a variety of their stuff in the garage whilst they dealt with the rest of their home, work & study commitments and a new baby!

They have felt for some time that they wanted to do a really good sort out but somehow were not managing to get round to it. When they found out about “virtual decluttering” assistance they were keen to give it a bash.

What is Virtual Decluttering Assistance ?

This service provides expert assistance by video chat or phone to enable you to achieve your organising goals. It is an extremely affordable solution for those who really want to make a difference to their space so they can find things easily, save time and feel great.

We start off with an initial consultation to work out where to begin, what to tackle and discuss any specific issues.

A comprehensive “Preparation” email is sent which includes details of an effective decluttering system to use for best results. This will ensure you are ready for action on the agreed date.

On the day I will be available at regular intervals to motivate, support, respond to queries and provide that all important aspect of accountability. At the end of your session we will review and celebrate the work done. I'll also send you a sheet of valuable tips to ensure you stay clutter free going forward.

As you can see from the pics they have done a great job clearing out a huge heap of stuff and re-organising all those useful items. They can now see and access just what they need in a glance. This will save them time, reduce frustration and stop any duplicate buying (Knowing what you already have!).

So how does it feel for them ?

"We needed to get our garage sorted, we weren't able to make good use of this space and it was becoming a stress point for our family. An example is that we had an extra freezer in the garage which was buried behind a whole series of objects making it difficult to access. Jodi was able to put our motivation into real action with the virtual service. We liked that we were accountable to a certain time, it was so easy for us to put it off, or do a few things and then call it a day.

It was so freeing to go through this process, we were holding on to so much stuff that we didn't need or even want. Now our garage is much more organised and it has more room to work. Thanks Jodi! "

Stop putting your decluttering off and get in touch with me now to see how you can make a difference to your space. Click here to find out more about "Virtual Declutter" assistance.

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