The really useful guide to organsing your kitchen so it works for you!

Decluttering & organising the heart of the home can make a huge difference to the feel & flow of the space, how healthily you eat, curb food waste and even save you money.

How is your kitchen doing right now?

We probably use our kitchen more often than any other room in the home. If you’ve got a clutter problem then there are some places in the house where you can just close the door and pretend it’s not there. Alas, it’s not possible to do that with the kitchen! So, it is totally worth making sure that it is working at its best for you.

Where to Start?

Whilst there is no right or wrong place to attack first I like to go for the surfaces. Even if you only have a short amount of time you can make a visible difference that will spur you on to complete the rest.


Think about what you want on your surfaces and the amount of space you have. It is a balancing act that might take a few trials.

The following hints can help you decide on what’s best for you:-

· Clear space – how much of it do you have at the moment and how much, realistically, would you like? It’s really easy to allow all manner of things to creep onto the counters. Designate a clear zone and tell everyone in the household too. This should be used for the primary purposes of the kitchen – prep and cooking of food –NOT storage!

· Aim to keep paper and junk piles away from the worktops as this can affect the “karma” of the space. Ensure you have a “h