My Place Mondays - No. 2

First week in October

This blog post is the second in the series. It’s all about giving you a little weekly insight into my home sorting – the good, the bad and the ugly ! I believe there is no right and wrong way to organise your house. It’s all about doing what works for YOU.

No big declutters this week, just the usual trying to keep on top of everything. I do think that one of the keys to having that organised space you crave is to really develop the “putting away” habit. I still find some days are definitely better than others!

I try and think of it more of not putting things DOWN but actually putting things AWAY. (Of course, for this to work we need to have a “home” designated for everything in the first place.) An example here would be putting shoes away. It’s easy to kick off your trainers as soon as you come through the door and just leave them there. I always try and make a point of popping them under the stairs onto the rack as soon as I take them off. (Unless they are particularly pongy when they head outside for an air!) By “putting away straight away” I really do save myself both time and STRESS in the long run.

There have been moments this week when I just feel that I am spending SOOOOO much of my time returning stuff to its right home that I begin to question if it is worth it. The answer every time is a big fat YES. It’s so good to be able to find things when you want them and when I look at a clear space it does clear my head so well.

I have done a bit of work in the utility, having moved it up my list of priorities last week. Clearing the surfaces was a pretty quick win making the room look instantly tidier. Then I tackled just 1 shelf as I only had a small slither of time to allocate to it. Getting all the “general” cleaning bits and pieces out was super handy as it refreshed my mind of what we’ve currently got.

Putting it all back in was a good chance to re-arrange things, bringing the stuff forward that we use more frequently. Unfortunately, whilst in the utility I noticed that the shoe rack (For wet, muddy ones) was looking a bit dishevelled. That’s a job for another day though !

Doing the cleaning shelf also reminded me that I am keen to really lower our chemical (And plastic) usage and be as natural as possible in this area. Where possible I try and opt for an e-cloth (On windows, dishes and surfaces etc.) and just use water. Having been using them for a couple of years now I have found them to be quite good. I’m not convinced that they last the 3 years they guarantee for though. So, I’m on the hunt for an alternative. I came across “Enjo a few months back but was initially put off by the high prices. Now I’m having a rethink. Similar to e-cloths they just need water to work. Next week I’m getting a kitchen “test” kit to try out before I buy. I shall let you know how I get on.