My Place Mondays - No.4

It’s the holidays. Well to be precise – it’s the school holidays. We are working but the kids are off. And it is against this backdrop that the tone and feel of the house has been running this week.

The past few days have reminded me of another Benjamin Franklin quote -

A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body” .

I agree. I want mine to stimulate and encourage positive thoughts and pop a smile on my face every so often. Not everybody in my house thinks the same way. It’s fair to say our priorities differ ! The updated version from my teens would probably look more like

“A house is not a home unless the wifi is working and working speedily!”

It sure is a balancing act when you live with anyone other than yourself. I include the dog in this too !

Let’s start with a positive. Something quite amazing happened one morning this week. My daughter discovered that she really enjoyed redesigning her brother’s bedroom (He had mentioned he wanted a change). She was on a mission and she managed to drag him along too. They are very close in age and spend much of their combined time wrangling, so it was a huge pleasure to see them working together for a change – sorting, discarding and re-arranging. O.K. so it wasn’t complete peace and harmony but I certainly enjoyed the moment and the result.

Her bedroom, by the way, is a riot of colour with plenty of things that she treasures dotted about. Yep, it’s a bit messy from time to time but has such a warm feel and a wonderful energy when you walk in.

Let’s move downstairs to, arguably, the area that instantly sets the tone when you arrive home.

The thing I love most about our hallway is the light. I still remember the very first time I walked in, on a greyish December day. I instantly felt lifted by the natural light that flooded through. Less is definitely more in here for me. I love it when it looks like the first pic !