12 Top Tips to Breeze Through Your Laundry.

Arrrgghhh. For most people the mere mention of the word laundry conjures up a pretty negative image. Hey, it’s repetitive and mostly boring but it’s gotta be done.

I think that we can make it a little less painful for ourselves. I’ve been scouring the internet and added in my own experiences as a professional organiser to come up with a bunch of possible tips. Now I say “possible” because there is no one PERFECT way to do this. Each household is soooo different.

Before your start the read, spend a few moments pondering how your laundry process currently works from start to finish. Could it be improved or simplified? Is it clear to everyone?

Now check out these tips and pick which ones might be useful to have a go at. I’ve also added quite a few links in this blog so that if you want to know more it’s real easy to delve in.

1) Can you WAIT? Have a little assessment of WHEN clothing goes in the wash basket. Do things really need to go in after just one wear? Of course, if something is totally ponging then it should go in the wash but more often than not, we can usually wear clothes for a little longer before they need a cleanse. If you want to explore more on how often it is recommended to wash certain things like towels, sheets etc. then read this.

Make sure you have a designated area for hanging up or storing clothes that have been previously worn.

This equation sort of sums it up for me: LESS stuff in = LESS stuff out = LESS WORK = HOOORAY !

2) Use a DIVIDED LAUNDRY SORTER so that everybody is responsible for separating their clothes. When the basket is full it’s time to put a load on. Ensure wash loads are put on regularly. Waiting until the last moment just means the job becomes humongous.

3) Got kids? Then GET THEM O