Feeling a little "blah" at the moment ? Let's get a bit of excitement back!

I’ve been feeling decidedly "unexcited" over the last few weeks.

In fact when I spotted a friend in the supermarket recently and she asked me how I was, my response was a downbeat “fine” and a quick sum up with “Things are just not very, well… exciting at the moment”. As I drove home I pondered on my statement. I mean what did I expect? We’re still in the midst of a lockdown. There’s heaps of uncertainty around, the global environment needs more assistance than ever and it’s turning out to be a decidedly chilly and icy winter up here in the North of Scotland. Even in regular times I’m not a high octane, thrill seeker type of girl. So, what is the “excitement” that seems to be eluding me right now?

This blog sets out to delve into a bit of this fascinating area to see if there’s anything that might lift the mood given our current situation. If you’ve been feeling a bit “blahof late there may be something in here for you.

Wikihow tells us that excitement may be described as a state of exhilaration, enthusiasm, stimulation or emotional arousal. They go on to suggest that if it’s lacking then we CAN make changes to get more. So far, so good. They actually have 7 neat steps to getting it - tackling areas like facing a fear, getting out of your comfort zone and even getting a new job. Of course, some of the suggestions are only possible OUT of lockdown but there are still things we can do NOW.

Currently my excitement levels peak when I find a great “Netflix” series, witness a gorgeous winter sunrise or survive a Les Mills home “Grit” session on my 6 week challenge. I regularly practice mindfulness and enjoy many little things in my day but there’s still something missing.

Perhaps it’s excitement about future plans that’s missing. Maybe this explains a little of the hopelessness I feel at times. I am passionate about travelling. I love the planning, the waiting, the doing and the reminiscing about trips away. These don’t have to be to far flung places (Although a touch of warmth really does help!) I revel in a few days away walking the Fife coastal trail, a couple of weeks at the amazing sports resort Club La Santa and all options in between.