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Fed up of muddy feet, wet dogs and general dirt skipping into the house ?

We've had our fair share of rain over the last few weeks so I thought it's about time I got round to a blog on this !

If we want to stop the wet & dirt creeping into our homes, creating both a mess and extra work then thinking about a few issues upfront and making some tweaks can make a real difference.

First things first. It’s going to be different for everyone ! There’s definitely no one size fits all solution here. We can't do too much about the weather but can change how we respond to it. 👍

There are 2 sides to have a good ponder on :-

* The design of the main entrance to your home and the systems within it.🏠

* The people and pets who tread in and around it 😆

So, we need to tackle both fronts by considering the following issues:-

ENTRANCE – Think about limiting the number of places where the "outdoors" can be tramped inside. Perhaps designate just 1 entrance to be mainly used. Even before entry ask yourself are there some actions you can take to minimise the amount of muck coming in? E.g. Giving the pooch a towel down, popping wellies on a stand to drip.

MATS – Don’t underestimate the power of a good doormat. 🤣 A robust, hard wearing, bristly or rubber outdoor mat will tackle the initial load. Then the interior mat takes over. In my opinion, the larger the better, as this ensures that all who pass over will get a brush down! If possible, have a washable one and / or hoover regularly.

SHOES OFF - I've read a few times that the soles of your shoes are dirtier than your toilet seat (But I also read that your smart phone is too! 🤣) Whilst nobody wants to be the shoe police, getting into the habit of taking off your footwear at the door is sensible.

DRYING – Damp shoes are no fun, especially if you have to put them back on again relatively quickly. They can even develop mould and bacteria growth, so it’s worth working out the best option for you.

Wet jackets need a designated spot to hang on to dry off. This could be a utility room, up high on a kitchen maid (Victorian style pulley, ceiling airer) or a coat stand / hooks in the hall. Boot trays are fab for catching detritus and drips from spreading over the floor.

Stuffing newspaper in the body of the shoe can lend a hand to drawing the moisture out. A drying rack or shelf can be handy for wetter gear. Leaving items outside to air can also be very effective. (Weather dependent, unless you have a covered area !) Even electric shoe dryers can be purchased to speed up the process. I’ve never used these so would love to hear from anyone who has feedback on their usefulness. ✍️

STORAGE - Having your footwear storage set up as close as possible to the main entrance is a good call. Check that it’s easy and quick to use so it encourages people to make it a habit. There are masses of options and the internet is packed with ideas to get your creative side going.

If you’re not happy with your current arrangement then why not head over to my “Shoe Storage” board on Pinterest. It is likely that you’ll need a number of different areas to store shoes and boots as you probably don’t fancy your high heels rubbing up against your dog walking wellies!

HANDY STUFF – There are an array of things that your household may need to be handy for easing the flow and keeping that grime at bay. Some items that you may want to have close to hand on entry – basket of indoor shoes (e.g. slippers) and some old towels to pop out on really wet days or for drying pets.

Also ensure you have a definite home and system for those unique bits and bobs that tend to get overlooked and parked anywhere. I’m thinking umbrellas, gloves, walking sticks, baby buggies, etc. Ensuring a system is in place is the first step and then get all to buy into using it – often more tricky but not impossible!

Stopping the dirt from entering the house is a lot easier than trying to clean up after it’s snuck in.

However, at the end of the day, it’s never gonna be perfect. There may be some unwanted mud that appears in corners, dirty trainers left lying around or a light brown spray on the lower wall as your mutt vigorously shakes off their wet coat.

These are the signs of a lived in home.

Deal with as much as you can, as best you can and that will be ENOUGH. 👌

If you have enjoyed and found this blog useful please do consider sharing it with someone else who might find the same.

This topic was originally suggested by a follower on my Facebook page so do feel free to put any other requests forward and I’ll see what I can do.

As a “Declutterer & Organiser” I work with people in their homes and online to ensure that their place is flowing as best it can. If you would like to find out more take a look at my website or get in touch.

Jodi x


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