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Find your "why?" and ease through your decluttering.

Getting to the bottom of WHY we are holding onto "things" is the key for ensuring our decluttering endeavours are fruitful. Without this knowledge it is so tricky to make the many decisions needed to move towards getting organised. I believe asking ourselves this simple question is the best way to get started on getting sorted. 👍

This weekend I've been questioning our need for dvds. We certainly haven't bought a dvd for years and I can't remember the last time I watched one. 😆

So why were we keeping them? 🤔

In my mind, I'd had this conversation before and I had landed on a few reasons:-

> I might finally get round to seeing a few that I've not yet got to.

>The kids might want to see some of the more unusual ones or ones that I had liked🙈 !

> I like the "idea" of flicking through the cases to see what to watch.

> Good option for our home exchangers !

The reality however is a little different 😂

We have a "Netflix" subscription and a gazillion other channels with our "Youview". And that is mostly how we watch films.

On the odd occasion when we wanted to see something specific like "Free Solo" (Alex Honnold climbs El Cap without ropes - AMAZING and totally recommend it 👍) which wasn't available, we easily rented it for 48 hours for around £2 from Google Play.

So I rummaged around the "whys" from above and concluded that:

> I'm not going to get round to watching those ones that I haven't yet seen. There's plenty of other viewing that I REALLY already want to see. And they keep on making fabulous new movies.

> The kids find their own stuff to watch. They have more choice than ever before and are very good at seeking out the ones that capture them. And they're mostly not interested in anything that I enjoyed 10 years ago.😂

> The "nostalgia" element from selecting a movie by hand is not strong enough for me. Yes, that "Blockbuster" weekend visit was fun at the time but I really do prefer the current digital set up.

>The home exchangers can live without a few dvds, given the other options available to them here.

So, I asked the rest of the household their thoughts on the collection and they all agreed that it was time for them to go. 😆

Once the decision was made it was a pretty swift bag up of the cases for charity.

There was a small exception. One of the kids wanted to keep a few, very special movies, that they love re-watching at Christmas, so they have stayed.

Et voila, a couple of empty drawers in the lounge. 🤸‍♀️

We've got just the things to go in them ! The massage bits & bobs have had a semi-designated corner of the room but often get left out. Now they can have their own "home" and we'll have more chance of them returning there. 😆

Asking the right "WHY" questions gave the clarity to make this job swift, easy peasy and left me eager to do more. (At another time !) Just what we need on our decluttering journey.

Over to you. Do you seek out your "WHY? before your start a project ? Has this helped you in in the past? Could it be worth a go?

I work with people both in their homes and online to make the most of their space and time through decluttering and organising. We start with a free 15 minute consultation to see how it could work for you. Click here to get in touch.

Jodi x


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