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Finding the joy in shopping for a shopperphobic !

I don’t enjoy shopping! I’ve been like this for as long as I remember. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had moments, brief ones, where I’ve had a rising of delight from a purchase. But on the whole, it mostly equates to misery. Unless it’s shopping and researching holidays or adventures. That’s different. Now I will gleefully put in many hours for that purpose. What I’m talking about today though is grocery, clothes, household and furniture. The day to day stuff.

Some people may consider me tight, a scrooge, boring, tree hugger, unusual or many other possibilities. At the heart of it I think I just begrudge spending precious time shopping when there are so many other things I want to be doing.

In part shopping is a CHOICE. And I just choose to do as little as poss. Of course, the family has to eat, play, poo and sleep each day. All of these activities require shopping to be done for them to happen.

Given that some shopping HAS to be undertaken I’ve been shuffling towards finding a more enjoyable and efficient way of doing it. And it’s starting to emerge. It began with “Who gives a crap?” toilet paper. As they say “Good for the world" (Recycled), "Good for people" (50% of their profits are donated to charity) and "Good for your bum" (No inks, dyes or scents). On top of this, once you’ve set up your subscription, it’s just sent to your door when you’re ready for your next lot. Now what’s not to like about that.

Then came “SMOL” – laundry capsules and dishwasher tabs delivered through your letterbox. They have less chemicals than standard washing options, are in recycled and recyclable packaging and cost up to 50% less than the usual brands. (As they’ve cut out the middle man = supermarket).

It used to just be magazines that you’d get on a subscription but now it seems like you can get pretty much anything from clothes to sex toys and so much in between. For us it definitely makes sense to embrace this model. I have to admit there’s even a slither of joy wrapped up in there.

I better say at this point that I am not sponsored by any of these companies. These are all my personal opinions.

The other alternative WAY to shop that’s been flourishing over recent years is online supermarket shopping. Friends who opt for this find it a much easier and effective way of bringing in the groceries. It’s not for me on a regular basis as I prefer to physically choose and pick our stuff up. But I do recognise that it can be super handy for some situations e.g. a self-catering holiday. The “Online” option was the fastest growing way of grocery shopping in the UK in 2017. Interestingly, Brits are the most frequent online shoppers with some 34% of UK shoppers choosing this method. (Source HIM shopper) If you haven’t given this a go recently then it may be worth having a bash to see if it suits your household.

Whilst I’m not a fan of online grocery shopping I’m up for all the other types. I’ve long used auction sites for pre-loved items as a way of keeping things in use longer and saving a £ or 2.

As our household is moving away from single use plastics and towards toiletry bars, I recently unearthed a gorgeous little independent company called “Rush”. They specialise in vegan shampoo, conditioner and soap bars, producing them in Bridgend, South Wales.

Whilst I’m on that note I’m noticing the rise of small, local exciting start-ups with a strong environmental streak running through them. Near to me we now have an array of fabulous possibilities such as “Left Coast Culture” – a dairy free, plant-based creamery selling through markets and “On the Upside” – an treasure trove of upcycled delights in a Nairn premises.

Blended up in the shopping mix decision is the value you place on ethics, environmental issues, cost and creativity.

Ultimately, it’s about finding the BEST way for YOU that satisfies your core values as much as possible. “Intentional” shopping plays a vital role in keeping our homes clutter free and flowing. The important thing is giving ourselves a moment to have a think about the bigger picture and not just going along with what we’ve always done.

I will never lurve shopping but there are ways I can get pleasure out of it and make it as efficient as possible, so I can get on with the rest of the “stuff” that I really want to be doing.

So what works for you? What do you enjoy about shopping and why? 💚

I'd love to hear from you.

I work with people to make the most of their time through decluttering & organising. To find out more head over to my main page.


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