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Help ! I can't get started with my decluttering.😔

Argggghh! Getting started on your decluttering is HARD! The thought of it probably seems completely overwhelming. You may well be finding other things “To do” instead of tackling the issue at hand. Nonetheless if you’re here reading this then I’m guessing there is a part of you that really WANTS to give it a go. If right now it all seems just TOO much then this blog is for you.

There’s a great quote “If you’re still TRYING you have not failed!” (Unknown), that helps me to feel more upbeat about things that are not quite working out - YET! I believe this is definitely a thought to hold onto whilst you try to shift gears.

As always in decluttering & organising there are no right or wrong ways. It’s a case of exploring what is going to work for you.

Let’s do this !

> Start somewhere EASY. This’ll be different for everyone. What are the items you find most straightforward to part with? It may be junk mail, kitchen utensils, T-shirts, old toys or plant pots! DON'T begin with stuff that pulls on your emotions – like photos, books, scarves or sentimental bits & pieces!

> Start somewhere SMALL. At the beginning it is easy to overestimate how much we can manage. Rather than aiming for a whole cupboard, wardrobe or work surface just pick a shelf, a corner or a particular item E.g. Socks!

> Start SHORT(ish)! Even those who love sorting & organising can only do so much of it. I’ve found that around 3 hours is a productive amount of time for me and many others that I've worked with. To begin with aim for less – maybe an hour or 2. The key to making it happen is scheduling it in to your calendar. Plan a time when you’ll have the least amount of distractions and you can get on with the work.

> Play that MUSIC! I absolutely love some electro swing when I’m working. It shifts my mood into a much more favourable state. Whatever it is that gets you moving pop it ON! Creating a positive environment can really supercharge your effort.

> Get an accountability PARTNER. Share your home arranging desires with an encouraging friend, family member or in a supportive group. E.g. Declutter & Organise your Home & Mind on Facebook. Putting into words what you want to do can make it clearer in your own mind. Having someone check in now and then can be gently motivating and make you much more likely to get on with it!

> ACCEPT that the clutter didn’t build up overnight and therefore you won’t be able to magically make it all disappear in just a session or 2. Start to notice the little changes of progress - a little less on that paper pile, being able to see you all of your food tins, a clear corner in the bathroom etc.

If you are feeling OVERWHELMED and have struggled to begin working on your messy zones then using these key pointers can get you moving in the right direction. Then, MOMENTUM can take over and keep you going.

So, where will you be STARTING?

If you’re still struggling alone and would benefit from some personalised clutter coaching then I’m here for you online. Message me for a free 20 minute consultation.

Jodi x

Tel 0797 1530743



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