"Lagom" - a little balance in our lives.

I recently picked up a lovely little book on "Lagom" from the library by Lola Akerstrom.

I have to admit that I presumed “Lagom” was similar to the wonderful Danish “Hygge” (Getting that cosy feeling) which is why I’ve not delved into it earlier.

Within the first 2 pages of “Notes from the author” I realised that this was definitely not the case. I found this book to be a fascinating insight into this “Living Wellnot so secret, secret from Sweden. This blog is based on info from the book but gradually creeps out beyond that. Enjoy!

Firstly, let’s get the pronunciation right. Phonetically it would be more like Laaaw-gum.

Akerstrom describes it as “Not too much, not too little, just right – the basis for achieving an optimal lifestyle where one gives and receives in equal parts”. She goes on to clarify that it is much more than “Moderation”. It can, apparently, help us to live in our most natural and effortless state. Finding balance and being more sustainable sounds right up my street. I can’t wait to dig in.

The history behind lagom suggests it was very much about taking your fair share, being a team player and passing around the mead filled horns! Nowadays it is as much about the individual as it is about conscious mindfulness in the community.

As with all ethoses it is not without issue. Some feel that due to the restraint and moderation required to “be” lagom it can interfere with creativity and ambition. Others believe it can lead to mediocrity and avoidance of challenges.

The book delves into pretty much all areas of our life from food to finance and fashion and everything in between.

To kick us off I’m really liking the thoughts on “Starting the day” – there’s a focus on destressing, minimalism and layering of breakfasts to keep things easy.

Swedish as a LANGUAGE is very direct – it gets to the point quickly! This may come across as a tad rude to outsiders but they consider it short and sweet. Lagom in action. Many people find it relatively straightforward to say “No” without feeling guilt – very freeing.

Another message coming out loud and clear is to LISTEN more and TALK less, thus providing us with more chance of understanding others. This is something that still eludes me despite being aware and working on it for quite some time.