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"Clutter Cut" Group Course - 2020 

I'm so excited to introduce this 7 week, small group programme aimed at those who are ready to take action and experience real change at home. It's all online so doesn't matter where you are located. 

This is a blend of "tried and tested" practical decluttering tools with mindset tweaks and the support, accountability and vibrancy that only a group of people in a similar situation to you can bring.

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Are you struggling to make real inroads into your decluttering and organising at home?

Do you have multiple rooms to tackle?

Are you fed up of doing it on your own and not really getting anywhere?


I hear you !

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What if I told you that you CAN make a positive difference at home ?


What if I told you that you could actually ENJOY the process of sorting out your space?

What if I told you that TOGETHER we can set in place a clutter clearing plan that is doable in your current circumstances?


What if I told you that you can FEEL a sigh of relief when you enter your home instead of dread?


Now take a moment to think what that could mean to you if the above were possible.


The "Clutter Cut" group programme may be just the thing for you.

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Before we go any further it's important to know that this programme is a not a "quick fix" or silver bullet. It is likely that it took quite some time for your home to get disorganised and this cannot be reversed overnight.   The aim here is to get the ball rolling and get expertly equipped for the next steps.


We need to understand how we got here, face the challenges that keep us stuck, rummage through opportunities for change and get real momentum going.  And it's not just outer, practical approaches we scour, "mindset" is at the heart of all this.

"Jodi helped me de-clutter and organise my kitchen after 10 years of build up. The system was very easy and Jodi was lovely, eased my anxiety and explained things really well. I have so much space now it's amazing!"          Ashley from Inverness

You may be wondering how will this group work for you?

Have you been longing for some support with all that needs doing at home?

Being part of a small bunch of people in the same(ish) boat as you is very powerful. Struggling alone is tough.

Are you wondering why, despite your best efforts, you haven't been able to get the place "working" how you'd like it?

This is not just about what you "do" (Or don't do for that matter !!). It's about how you FEEL. Having a professional organiser and a circle of motivated individuals around you can be very empowering. 

Do you feel confused with which bits are most important to tackle ?

The workbook and conversations around this will allow you to face up to some tricky, yet enlightening, issues. In turn, this will steer you towards becoming much CLEARER with your direction of travel.

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"I went to a workshop that was organised by Jodi (& Shona) and really enjoyed it. I found Jodi to be approachable, I could ask her questions about things I would never have mentioned to anyone else, she is logical, practical, and encouraging. I would highly recommend getting in touch with her." Grace O'D Inverness

What's included?


Small group programme - Max 6 participants

Commencing Wednesday 22nd January 2020   

  • 6 x  1 Hour Group video calls 7.30-8.30pm (22/1, 29/1, 5/2, 19/2, 26/2, 4/3) These can be watched on playback if you don't make the session.

  • 1 Hour one to one Video call. Week commencing 10/2

  • Access to a closed Facebook group (Before, during and after the programme) just for those on the "Clutter Cut".

  • Workbook, to bring it all together.

  • Email support in between calls.


Here's a round up of the stuff we'll get to untangle:

  • Mindset barriers to getting organised - whether it's sentimental items that you just can't part with, unloved pieces that you feel guilty to let go of or you find yourself repeating the "I might just need it someday" mantra, they can all be tackled and overcome.

  • Sustainable goals and planning - how will the decluttering,  organising and all important "maintenance" fit in with an already busy schedule.

  • An efficient and very effective decluttering system. How to make the most of the time that you do have available.

  • Habit building. Motivation gets you started but it's those all important habits that keep you going and can really make the difference.

  • Bringing "ease" to our homes through clever organising hacks.

  • Embracing "Less" and all that brings.

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What's the investment required ?


  • Regular price will be £135. As this is the first "Clutter Cut" there will be a £40 discount in return for completion of a questionnaire at the end of the programme. 

       This "Clutter Cut" commencing 22nd January £95 one off payment (or pay in 2 instalments          of £47.50 each. First payment now secures you place and the 2nd will be due on 12/2/20 ) 

  • 2 hours per week will be the minimum time investment to make the most of the group. If you can put aside more then this will be super beneficial.

I think it may be for me ! What do I do next ?

If you have any further questions on whether this programme is for you then do get in touch and we can chat it all through.


If you're ready to go for it then just complete the form below and I will send you details on how to make payment and confirm your space !


I'd love to have you on-board, Jodi x

Message me ...

Thanks for submitting, Jodi 

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