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Virtual Decluttering

For many people decluttering on their own can be pretty tricky. It's so easy to get distracted, feel overwhelmed and end up just moving stuff around instead of dealing with it. 

Would you like to have expert support with your decluttering at a fraction of the cost of working in person with a professional organiser ?

If yes then "Virtual Decluttering" assistance may be the answer. 

Supportive, motivating, challenging, and effective decluttering can  be achieved wherever you are by connecting using video chat or phone. 

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3 Hour Kickstart


Are you struggling to get started with decluttering your home ?


This package provides an effective system to use  in any part of your home and that crucial accountability element to keep you going :-


* An initial consultation to identify where and how to start. 20 mins on video call or phone and preparation guidelines by email.

* On the day -a "getting started" discussion so you are clear and have purpose (15 mins -Video call or phone)

* Check in (10 mins video call or phone) during the session for you to discuss any issues and to keep motivated.

* An end review chat (10 mins by video call or phone) and follow up email plan detailing your next steps.

                         Package Price - £72

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