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What is the 25th Hour ?

Stressed, exhausted or frazzled

The 25th Hour is here to ensure you

make the most of your time and your space.

If you are having any difficulty using the time you have to do the things you want or have to do  then "The 25th Hour" can help you.

Do you often  say "If only there  were 25 hours in the day then I could get more done" ?

Well, of course, we can't really add more time to the 24 hour day BUT we can make the time you do have better. By spending more time on what matters and less on what doesn't you can regain control , become less stressed and improve effectiveness.


Here at the "25th Hour" I can help you get to grips with the current  thinking behind great time management and  more importantly, how it can be applied to you. This can be done in 1:1 sessions in a venue and at a time that suits you.

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands.

 You may have just had a new baby, changed jobs, be in the middle of moving home, injured yourself, having to care for a relative, be encountering any number of other scenarios or just feel TOO busy !

The 25th Hour can assist with all sorts of tasks that will enable you to  manage your workload better. In the SERVICES and DE-CLUTTERING section you will find a range of options of services I can provide to help.

Enjoying time

 *  Public Liability Insurance of £1 000 000 is held with Finsbury *

 * Disclosure Certificate (Disclosure Scotland) * 


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