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Disorganised room
Organised and tidy room

What's involved and how does it work ?


At the initial consultation we can work out the areas in your home that cause the most frustration and how you would like those places to be. 


If you decide to go ahead we can then put a plan in place to tackle the clutter. Part of the benefit of getting in a de-clutterer to assist is that you are much more likely to take action if it's scheduled in.


All de-cluttering is done TOGETHER. Although it can be physically and emotionally draining I aim to keep it relaxed and to motivate you when necessary.



First, we DISCARD those items we no longer need by asking some simple questions:-


* Do I wear or use it ?

* Do I love it ?


Those items discarded are put into piles for re-use, (e.g. charity, freecycle) resale, recycling or the bin.



The second stage is ORGANISING. Once we have decided what is to be kept we can then begin the arranging. I will guide and offer ideas but you are the best person to decide what will work for your lifestyle.


A room can take anywhere between 3 - 8 hours or longer. We don't have to do it all in a day and can break the project down into smaller sections if that works better for you.



Once the de-clutter is done you can begin to enjoy the extra space you will have, the ease of decision making when you can see everything and that great light feeling of being free of clutter and well organised.



To finish up we will chat about ways of ensuring your home stays  clutter free in the medium and longer term.







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