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Feeling calm and light

"Jodi helped me de-clutter and organise my kitchen after 10 years of build up. The system was very easy and Jodi was lovely, eased my anxiety and explained things really well. I have so much space now it's amazing!"   

                               Ashley from Inverness

Who is this for ?

This service is for anyone who wants less clutter in their home. 


It can be very difficult to keep on top of the clutter in our consumerist society. There is no typical person who engages a personal organiser to assist with the de-cluttering process. All of us can fall prey to the build-up of clutter no matter our age, profession, marital status or sex. Here are some examples of WHEN you may consider one :-

* Change of life stage. If you're about to have or just had a new baby you may need to free up space for the new arrival. At the other end of the scale your older offspring may be flying the nest and you may wish to reclaim an area.

* You may be fed up of living a certain way. Perhaps the thought of trying to organise all the stuff that has been growing around the home may be too much for you to take on. You would like a non-judgemental, helping hand to both motivate and lead you in an efficient yet friendly manner.

* Long term illness or disability. If you are having to cope with the effects of an on-going health issue you may be physically and / or mentally unable to keep on top of the clutter. Getting someone in to de-clutter can take that burden away. It may also be a good opportunity to relook at systems within the home for ease of use.

* Dealing with loss / break up. If you have suffered a bereavement in the family or going through a divorce or separation then this can leave us overwhelmed and unable to deal or face belongings. Enlisting an understanding organiser to guide you through the steps required, at your own pace, can really help at this difficult time.

* Busy. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life just seems to get in the way of doing the jobs you need to do. Saying "yes" to hiring a de-clutterer and planning it in means the job will get done.

You may not fall into any of these scenarios but would still benefit from using the service. If you want to do something, however, small or large, contact me now for a free consultation.

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