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Winter Warmer CHALLENGE

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Commencing 1st December 2020


Let's get laser-focused on a personal declutter & organise task in the run-up to Christmas.


We know for sure that "One size does not fit all" in the home which is why this challenge can really hone in on your particular problem area. The Facebook group will be there to assist, encourage and fill in the gaps.


It could be an over-flowing box that's been really bugging you for ages, perhaps you need to get a room ready for someone staying at Christmas. Or you may just need some extra oomph to go onto the next part of your ongoing sorting.


Over 5 days I will offer insight into the following areas to accompany & support your work:-


Day 1 – Embrace the system

Day 2 Problem-solving

Day 3 – Count your wins

Day 4 – Accountability & help

Day 5 – Maintenance


Don't worry you don't have to complete the challenge in 5 days !

However,  I do encourage you to set up a plan and timetable for the mission.


Pre-challenge preparation work


Before starting you will need to work out EXACTLY what you want to do. Partly, this will depend upon how much TIME you have available to allocate to the work. And also whether anyone else is available to do it with you.



It is so common to overestimate how much we can get done. 


****SHARE your thoughts in the Facebook group HERE ****


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